Don Matias Restaurant

Welcome to Don Matias Restaurant

Don Matias, this small distinguished restaurant known by many as “Punto Colombiano” is a piece of Colombia in Miami and Sunrise. Simply Don Matias is your meeting point! Let us take care of you in our locations.
A place where you can enjoy with family and friends all the variety of Colombian food. Don Matias invites you to enjoy these exquisite dishes.

Bienvenidos a Don Matias Restaurante

Don Matias, este pequeño restaurante distinguido y conocido por muchos como el “Punto Colombiano” es un pedacito de Colombia en Miami y Sunrise. Simplemente Don Matias es tú punto de encuentro! Permítanos atenderlo en nuestras locaciones.
Un lugar donde podrás disfrutar con familiares y amigos toda la variedad de comida Colombiana. Don Matias te invita a soborear éstos exquisitos platos.

 The basis of Colombian cuisine

The most popular in Colombia, like the other countries of Latin America, is Creole cuisine. This is a set of products that the first European immigrants cultivated during the development of the territory. The Colombians even have a brand name for the main Creole dish – “bandeja paisa”. Typically, this is a piece of meat, chicken or fish with a garnish of rice, black beans, roasted banana and potatoes, as well as fresh avocado slices.

The name “Cazuela” comes from the same name of a deep clay bowl in which vegetables, cereals, meat or fish are stewed in their own juice. Casuela is called just a few typical dishes of South America, but it was in Colombia, due to the exit immediately to the two seas, learned to make a terrific casuel with seafood. Seafood is stewed with vegetables on a small fire, mixing and creating an inexpressible bouquet of taste and aromas. Casuel is traditionally served in the same pottery.


The country is well developed livestock, so the basis of most dishes are meat products. In addition to mouth-watering steaks, tourists visiting Colombia can try a variety of sausages and offal, as well as chicharon – fried pieces of pork with lots of fat.

Fish and seafood

Colombians are preparing delicious seafood dishes. The most popular Among them, no doubt, have become Cazuela and Ceviche.